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Creating an account with

This is a step by step instructional tutorial of how to set up an account with, the VPS provider who provides excellent speed, and robust features, and support.

Step 1. Go to Vultr

First, navigate to (use the clickable link here, it gives me referral $) At the top right is the create account button. Click or tap here to be brought to the account page.

Step 1 Vultr

Step 2. Set up email, and password.

When you get to the account page you will be prompted to enter an email, and a password in order to create an account. Make absolute sure you use an email account this is checked regularly, that you cannot be locked out of. All major email providers provide security and backup features. Your password needs to follow the strict guidelines they set forth.

Note: If you are setting this up for me to configure MAKE THE PASSWORD SOMETHING RANDOM so I don’t know any of your other passwords please.

Step 2 Vultr

Step 3. Set up payment method

After your account is set up, you will immediately be brought to a payment screen. You can pay here with Credit Card or Debit Card. Changing it can be a hassle, so choose a card you know you won’t change anytime soon. You DO not have to make a deposit, just check the box saying no deposit, and they will bill by the hour. So if you use the service for a week, they will bill you $0.70 and that’s it. (A month is $2.50 for the base server, which is powerful enough to run 2 websites and 20 email addresses with no hiccups as long as it receives less than 1000 visitors per day (99% of websites).

Step 4 Vultr

Once you’re done, and see this screen, you are ready to deploy your own server!

If this is being done as one of my clients, please contact me with the details of your login credentials via email, using the following website for secure password transmission:


That’s it. You will now own your own server, space, and have no noisy neighbors on your web server. The costs to deploy a server range from $2.50 to $960 depending on need. $2.50 is fine for most people, and is the chosen package ($30 annually) I go with. Most hosting packages give you less features, and charge that MONTHLY. However they provide support, whereas Vultr does not.

Now it’s time to deploy your first server. 🙂

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